Kid Quotes & Stories

Jedidiah explaining our living situation to Lilia in a very grown-up voice: “Lilia, we don’t actually live in a house. We live in a department.”


Lilia (to Uncle Scott who had already played hide and seek with her many times & discovered this fact for himself): “I only have two really good hiding places: IN the couch cushions & in mommy and daddy’s bed.” She hid in one of these two spots every time.


Jedidiah (to me): “Sometimes I don’t want to get up in the morning, and then I remember breakfast. He makes such yummy breakfast foods.”

Me: “Who? Daddy?”

Jedidiah: “Yeah…” (staring off into the distance imagining breakfast foods)


Me: “Ow. My back hurts.”

Jedidiah (looking at me funny): “Oh…well then, I thought…are you OLD?”


Me: “Do you play the ninja and fighting games with the other boys at school?”

Jedidiah: “No. I’m a different kind of kid. I don’t watch those kind of movies or play those games. And I’m a “bucket-filler” not a “bucket dipper.”  (“Bucket filler” is a term they use at school to mean saying nice things and doing nice things to other people.)


This week I also got to tell Lilia what her name means. I told her about the lilies of the field in the Bible…how they didn’t need fancy clothes to be beautiful…that God made them beautiful just the way they are. I told her she’s beautiful just the way she is – no need for fancy clothes or jewelry or make-up. I think she sorta got it. I could tell she was really listening.


2 thoughts on “Kid Quotes & Stories

    • Ha! That’s funny. I wish it were enough to drag me out of bed. Unfortunately, I’m staying in bed way too late these days. I do, however, eat middle-of-the-night snacks fairly frequently!

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