Two Months Old


Simeon turned 2 months old on January 15th, just before our big trip to Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Two months old has been a great age for little Simeon! He is smiley, happy, interactive, and sleeping well. Here are a few notes about our two-month-old:

  • He recognizes all of his family members, getting excited and smiley when he sees them. 
  • He coos a lot and babbles a little (g’s and a few b’s).
  • He still sleeps a lot – 3 to 4 naps each day, plus 11-12 hours at night (with a nursing or two in the middle of that).
  • He sleeps in bed with Josh and me. He is a sweet little cuddle bug, and tends to wake up happy.
  • He tracks well with his eyes and holds his head up fairly well.
  • He likes to snuggle his face into my chest when he’s sleepy. He generally doesn’t nurse to sleep (so much different from my other two). Instead he just wants to have a pacifier and calmly go to sleep in a warm and cozy place (mom’s arms, the carseat, etc.).
  • He is learning to control his arms – batting at the toys hanging over his bouncy chair and at objects we hold in front of him. He can consistently get his fist to his mouth.
  • We are focusing more on responding to his cues when he needs to go potty. He pees in the potty a few times a day these days. We are using cloth diapers through a diaper service in the area (we do not have a washer and dryer in our apartment).
  • He has discovered splashing! He has always loved the bath, and now he is having even more fun in the water!

We are all over the moon in love with this little guy. Recently, our little four-year-old neighbor was over, and we were all talking to Simeon. I asked the little boy if he wished he had a baby brother or sister, and he said, “No, not really.” And, both of my kids reacted very strongly with, “Why not?!! Babies are so great!! Why wouldn’t you want a baby?!!!” I felt like a proud mama in the moment.  Also, at our last Sabbath meal, I reminded the kids of the Sabbath that we had announced to them that I was pregnant and that they would be a big brother and big sister soon. I said, “Remember how excited you were, Jedidiah?” And he replied, “And it’s even better than I ever thought it would be!”

I only wish we lived closer to Gramma and Grampa  and Nana and Pop Pop and Memaw and aunts and uncles. This little guy is precious and we wish that these loved ones were nearby to share in all the joy.

In the mean time, little Simeon thinks of you in spirit. He is quite a fan of the older crowd. He tends to be the most smiley and excited around older people. Last week, a friend, whose mom has recently moved into a retirement center, asked if I would bring Simeon by to cheer her up. I had never met this woman before, but Simeon made fast friends with her. He put on quite a show! He smiled and cooed and sneezed and kicked. And she loved every minute of it! Josh and I praised him all day for doing such a good job at cheering her up.

Oh my. We just LOVE having a baby in the house again! I’ll leave you with one more picture of our little 2 month old:



3 thoughts on “Two Months Old

  1. I knew he was special the first time he gave me smiles and trying to talk with me.
    Love you and your big brother and sister. Memaw

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