It Goes Both Ways

Sometimes you have to press into the pain….

Literally pushing into the pain of a contraction or mustering up your last bit of strength to get through the bedtime routine with the kids or facing the parts of yourself that are not so lovable.

And, sometimes you have to say “Ouch! That hurts!” and stop doing the thing that is causing you pain…

Holding your tongue instead of saying the thing that makes you feel worse afterwards, taking a break from compulsively cleaning the house and getting things done even though you’re exhausted, or finding ways to set boundaries so that you have a little time for yourself.

Sometimes, it’s just hard to tell which kind of situation it is.

This is where I live these days, weeks, and months with a new baby.

It’s one moment and decision at a time, and there really are no easy answers.

Today, I went to work at Thai Bodywork, but I didn’t go exercise. And now, I think I’ll rest and stare at my sweet baby for a little while and let my body (that is trying to stand firm against sickness) just rest. Because, in less than an hour, the big kids will begin arriving home and there will be dinner to cook and a house to get in order for friends visiting tomorrow.

And, in the midst of it all, I’ll be “growing up” with these dear children, learning to make better choices and know what I need and give of myself out of a “good place”. And, really, what better thing is there for me to learn for their sakes than this!


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