I Love My Big Boy


Jedidiah turned six and a half on February 10th. We celebrated with a half cake (chocolate with chocolate frosting was his pick), a birthday song, and the birthday episode of Yo Gabba Gabba (we have the dvd).

The truth is that our Jedidiah has grown up incredibly in the past six months. Here is a picture of him at five. Isn’t he just so young and precious?

Jedidiah Savanah Wedding

Not long after turning six, he started kindergarten. The increased structure and academic activities were an adjustment to him, but he rose to the challenge. From arts to reading to writing to drawing to making friends to following the rules…he is quite a star!

We just had his second parent-teacher conference last week, and his teachers raved about him. They said “this is his time!” – he is just learning new things at a fantastic rate. Jedidiah just began to draw a little bit in the summer before kindergarten. He was not really writing much at all. Now, he loves to draw and make art and try to spell out words by sounding them out. Here is some of his artwork:

One of Jedidiah's earlier drawings- fighting a dragon

One of Jedidiah’s earlier drawings- fighting a dragon

Many of his drawings are Viking or Pirate ships

Many of his drawings are Viking or Pirate ships

P1120524 P1120566 P1120565 P1120564

Jedidiah protecting his baby brother from getting scratched by the cat

Jedidiah protecting his baby brother from getting scratched by the cat

This is made from paper that Jedidiah cut out and then pieced together with tape

This is made from paper that Jedidiah cut out and then pieced together with tape

The parent-teacher conference was only one part of a busy school week for Jedidiah. Last week also included the book fair, Jump Rope for Heart, Valentines Day, and the hundredth day of school. The teachers gave each child the assignment of making a shirt with 100 things on it. We realized that our family has 100 digits (fingers & toes), so we did 100 fingerprints – each family member participated by doing 20 prints (even Simeon helped!). Then, we had fun making people and animals and more out of the prints on the front of the shirt. Here is the proud Jedidiah wearing his hundredth day of school shirt:




That last pic is Simeon getting his fingerprints done. He’s a bit unsure about all this!

And, speaking of Simeon, Jedidiah is a dream big brother to the little guy. He often “babysits” Simeon while I’m making dinner or cleaning up the house. He’s even entertained him to let me sleep in a little longer (Jedidiah and Simeon are the early risers in the house). He doesn’t just keep an eye on him, either. He reads him boards books, teaches him things he learned at school, and plays imagination games with him in very sweet ways. Recently, he played pirates with him by putting pirate stickers on each of their shirts and calling Simeon “Captain Paci” (because he had a pacifier in his mouth). He plays all the baby games with him, too – mimicking, peek-a-boo, and grasping/reaching games. He is seriously amazing. And, in return, Simeon helps him calm down and brings him a lot of joy. They are such a sweet pair.

Jedidiah is as sensitive as ever, but he is also learning coping skills and feeling confident in who he is. He enjoys playing with both boys and girls, and his teachers say he gets along with all the kids in his class. His favorite kid at school remains the little girl in his class who is in a wheel chair. He told me that she was his Valentine, and he spent extra time playing with her on Valentines Day.

Here are two quotes that made me smile recently:

Jedidiah: “We had strawberry sundaes at school today – with just strawberries and whipped cream. AND, the boys got red glasses and the girls got pink ones.”

Me: “Glasses to put the sundaes in?”

Jedidiah (confused): “What?” (He was thinking eye glasses; I was thinking drinking glasses. Once he understood, he said…)

“OH! I should have said spectacles!”

Me: “Who are the room parents in your class?”

Jedidiah: “There’s no such thing as room parents. But, if there were, I guess Alyssa’s mom would be one. But, there’s no such thing.”

Finally, Here’s a picture of Jedidiah with his beloved baby brother (he has his face painted from a V-Day party):

P1120519We love you Jedidiah Wake! You are an amazing creation of God, and we are so glad you’re in our family!


3 thoughts on “I Love My Big Boy

  1. Great post about Jedi! I recognize some of those viking ships. And his 100 fingerprints shirt is awesome! Great kid, creative mom.

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