3 Months Old


Three months old is just fantastic: sweet smiles, luscious chub, recognizing all his favorite people, sleeping well, cooing away, and starting to reach and hold things. Every day with such a little sweetie pie is just delightful. Yes, having a baby is intense, but it’s well worth it. We especially love getting to share this guy with other people. Getting to hold a happy baby can’t help but make somebody’s day. And this boy is quite a charmer.


Here’s what he’s up to:

-Sleeping well – we are still in the golden age of sleep for our babies. He still takes about three naps each day, with an extra-long one in the afternoon. And he wakes up once or twice to nurse at night. He usually gets in an 8 or 9 hour stretch in there, too. Side note: I’m hoping to order an amber teething necklace for him soon. In the past, teething has been a long and excruciating experience for both parents and baby. I’m hoping that the teething necklace will do the trick (as the other methods we have tried have been very little help). Otherwise, I can feel the night-waking and lack of sleep creeping up on me as we near the six-month point.


-Smiling a lot and giggling a little. So far, I’m the only one who has really gotten this little guy to giggle. Really, that’s quite a surprise, as I was not the once to induce giggling from our other two children. Perhaps little Simeon just gets my sense of humor. 🙂


-Still rolling over! We figured that Simeon’s early success at rolling from tummy to back was just a fluke, but he’s keeping it up! That makes him the rolling star of our children. Lilia rolled over for the first time at about 3 months old, and Jedidiah didn’t flip himself over until after he was sitting well at around 6 months old!

-Talking away. My goodness. This one is supposed to be our LISTENER (Sim means “the listener”). But, he coos and coos and tells us stories, and the kids are convinced that he’s saying real words. Jedidiah has asked him over and over about his favorite animal, and he’s certain that it’s a lion. Hmmm…


-Taking to the potty. We did elimination communication with Lilia, and we are trying it again this time around. Simeon is doing pretty well, I think. Just today (and it isn’t even noon, yet), he’s pooped in the potty twice and peed in it four times! Even if he doesn’t make it in the potty every time, we’re trying to keep him aware of his bodily functions and changing him quickly when he does go in his diaper. I’m determined not to have another terrible potty training experience (thank you, Jedidiah, for teaching me how AWFUL potty training can be). Oh! And, Simeon is absolutely adorable on his little green potty. I’ll have to get a picture of that soon.

-Loving life. This little guy is just SO happy. He gets most excited to see his daddy. But, he is also thrilled to see his big brother and big sister. And they are ALL smitten with him. I just can’t help but think that he will grow up feeling extra LOVED. One of the best parts of having three kids is that the baby gets lots of attention and love even when I’m busy. During the dinner preparation hour, I often feel bad for setting him down and ignoring him; but, every time I check on him, he has at least one sibling doting on him and keeping him happy as can be.


What a blessing to have a baby, and a happy one at that!


4 thoughts on “3 Months Old

  1. Hi, Candace,

    I came across your blog through Facebook and I love reading your posts.

    I just read that you are thinking of getting a Amber Teething Necklace for Simeon. I bought one for Julia and she only wore it for a about a week because she was such a pleasant baby that I simply forgot to put it on her. Would you like to have it for Simeon? I got it from the Happy Baby Company in Pittsburgh, so I know it is real baltic amber. I was just wondering the other day what I was going to do with it. Let me know if you would like it, and I will pass it along.

    I hope you are doing well. I’ve missed being at the last few Mom’s groups because Julia was sick.

    We are moving on March 16, but I still hope to make it to a meeting or two.

    Take care, Jill

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