Kid Quotes and Stories

Today, Simeon peed in Lilia’s face. She’ll have fun telling him THAT story when they’re older!


Lilia (after our first-ever rolling skating experience as a family): “I just wanna go home, go to sleep, and then wake up and go ROLLER SKATING again!!”

Jedidiah (after falling on his bum about 50 times and then finally being able to keep his balance on the roller skates): “This is EASY!”

(By the way, both kids had a great attitude, even though they both fell down a lot. We may have to make this a regular family outing.)


Me: “Do you wanna go play with DelaneySoren?” (Lilia has always smashed the names of these two siblings together, so Josh and I started doing it, too.)

Lilia (with an air of superiority): “You should say Delaney AND Soren. It’s more sense.”


Me: “Lilia, are you sure you don’t want a ballet party anymore?”

Lilia: “Yes. I’m into MEAN stuff now. I like t-rex and giganotasaurus and (whispering and with a believe-it-or-not look on her face)…pirates!”

She now says she wants a dinosaur party.



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