Some Days are Like This…

Josh is away for the weekend at a communities gathering in New Mexico. He was amazing in making preparations for the trip that included finding some help for the kids and me. Still, it’s just been a rough day. Jedidiah has been overly-enthusiastic and Lilia has been down-right argumentative and stubborn. She’s been throwing fits galore. She even had a breakdown in the grocery store this morning. Lovely.

At our regular rest/nap time, things really broke down. I was exhausted after a shortened night of sleep, and I was nodding off. But, ALL THREE kids were wide awake and difficult. Lilia screamed and cried for half an hour while I was making dinner because I did something differently than how she wanted it. Thanks to a friend who came over to help, we somehow pulled off a nice Sabbath meal of homemade pizza and homemade chocolate ice cream (thanks Gramma for the awesome electric ice cream maker!). And, we even played a game together after dinner.

Then, things broke down again. I sang the “wrong” song at bedtime.  Simeon broke down during story time, so I read the story while bouncing around the room with him in the carrier. I gave Lilia the “wrong” cup with water in it. Lilia’s nose hurt, and chapstick just wasn’t enough. She’s actually still crying in her bed about that one. I kinda broke down. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I closed the door, and she finally seems to be calming down (still crying for her daddy, though). Simeon has fallen asleep in the carrier.

But, I just realized it’s daylight savings time. Somehow, that made me wanna cry. Parenting is exhausting. Perhaps it’s time to do something nourishing…


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