Three Random Things about My Three Little People

First, Simeon…

As I have posted about before, we are doing “elimination communication” with Simeon – taking him to the potty right after naps, feedings, and when he shows signs that he needs to go. Even though we did this with great success with Lilia, I’m still surprised that it’s going so well with Sim, too. Here is the Ikea potty we use with him…

Also, these days, Simeon wants to be held sitting up or standing up most of the time. When I need to put him down for a minute, he likes to sit in a Bumbo chair (allows him to sit upright, even though he’s not able to do that independently, yet). This is the one we have…
The two seats are the exact some color (this was completely inadvertent). However, I think it’s a bit confusing to Simeon. Because every time I put him in the Bumbo seat for a few minutes, he poops. Every.single.time.
Next, Lilia…
Lilia has a fantastic preschool teacher named Ms. Terri. Lilia loves going to preschool two mornings each week. The classes are small and low key and lots of fun. It’s really perfect. Except for one thing. Ms. Terri loves glitter as much as Lilia does. Every week Lilia comes home with at least one project that we call a “glitter bomb.” Just to prove my point, here are two examples…
P1120581 P1120583
And now, Jedidiah…
Tonight, the kids and I had fun playing a few different games together. Jedidiah has gotten really good at games in the past few months. At one point, I was playing a version of Taboo with the kids – the game where you try to get people to guess a specific word by giving clues & not saying the list of “forbidden” clues on the card. The card I drew was for the word “Disguise.” I thought it might be too hard. I decided to give it a try and said, “We have a book about animals that blend in with the things around them…” Immediately, Jedidiah shouted out, “Disguise!” The name of that book is “Disguise the Limit,” but the text of the book does not use the word much. It was a long shot, and I was floored that he got it so quickly!
These kids amaze me and make me smile. Just wanted to share…

2 thoughts on “Three Random Things about My Three Little People

  1. You are doing a wonderful job with all 3 of them. Just may need to get another color for Sim. Otherwise who ask for more.
    Love you Memaw

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