Easter Morning

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Here is the promised Easter morning photo.

Easter was lovely. There are a few services at our church that make my heart sing and my eyes fill up with tears. Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday are two of those services. On Palm Sunday, some one runs in and exclaims (without a mic) “I see Jesus!!” Then, people hurriedly pass out palm leaves to the whole congregation, and we leave our seats to follow Jesus (usually an African American man from our church being led on a wooden “donkey”) around the perimeter of our “in the round” church. We all sing Hosanna in Highest and wave our palm leaves (yes – people of all ages!). It’s just so simple and so beautiful. On Easter morning, there is lots of joyous singing and dancing. The service always opens with a dance of Mary Magdalene to the song “Was it a Morning Like This?” This year, my neighbor Stephanie did the dance. AND, our whole family made it to the sunrise service at the lake. We were a little late, but I’m so glad we went. I hope this becomes a family tradition.

In the evening, we had dinner at another family’s home. The kids got to swing on an amazing tree swing. We ate homemade ice cream and cake and talked about the education system and Thailand. It was a day of rejoicing and connecting with people. Perfect, really.


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