Four Months Old


At four months old, Simeon is oh so happy. He smiles most of the time, and he giggles quite a bit. This week he spent most of a day giggling at everything I said to him – especially when I said his name. And, today, when Jedidiah got home, Simeon giggled as soon as he saw him.


Simeon is awake a little more these days. He’s spending less of the daytime hours napping, which is an adjustment for me. But, he’s just more aware and easily awakened than he used to be. Good news, though, we got a white noise maker today. So, here’s hoping that makes the difference for him…



Simeon is a little chatterbox. He babbles on and makes expressions like he really means what he’s saying. It’s quite adorable. And, as you can see, Simeon’s rolls are multiplying. He’s deliciously adorable and sweet. We just love havin’ the little guy around!



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