Lilia Quotes

Lilia: (after doing several not-so-helpful things and then cleaning up a mess that I had actually made) “Mama, I just wanted to find a way that I could help you!”

Me: (looking at a print of a new photo of the kids) “I want to hang this one on the wall.”
Lilia: “Okay. Can I get you some tape?”
Me: No, I wanna frame it…like the other pictures on the wall.”
Lilia: (confused) “Why?”

Lilia: “The boy in my class who has long hair is named ‘Jasmine.'”
Me: “Really? Are you sure he’s a boy?”
Lilia: “Yes. I thought he was a girl, because his hair is as long as a girl’s. But, Ms. Terri says he’s a boy.”
Me: (remembering) “OOOH…I think his name is Jackson.”
Lilia: “Yeah…it’s Jackson or Jasmine.”
Me: “I’m gonna go with Jackson. That sounds right to me.”
Lilia: “Hmmm…well, I’m gonna go with Jasmine.”

Lilia: (talking in a high-pitched voice to Simeon, as if she’s teaching him) “Simeon, do you wanna be Marfin Lufer King for Halloween next year? He did a lot of good things. But, he died. He’s all the way died now. Mean people shotted him. (long pause) But, THEN, the fairies came and made everything okay again!”
(then, looking at me…) “I didn’t want to make it too scary of a story for Sim.”


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