Lilia Mercy at FOUR Years Old


Lilia is quite a character at four years old. She is full of spunk, this one. As you can tell from many of the stories and quotes I’ve posted, she cracks us up dozens of times each day. She has a unique little perspective on the world that makes us smile and makes us cringe. Her confidence is overflowing. She is quite sure that she can do just about everything herself. Although this causes some problems and makes a lot of messes, I think this quality will serve her well in the long run.

She is also incredibly decisive (quite the opposite from her mama). This, unfortunately, means she has a lot of time outs these days when her decisiveness turns into disobedience. Yes, I think it’s fair to say that this phase in Lilia’s development has been our most difficult so far. Having a new baby brother is probably a big part of the internal struggle for our dear girl. Yet, she handles it all with style, and we muffle our giggles and smiles as we muster our serious voices to keep the boundaries solid and her little world safe.


Because, even in her most trying moments, this precious child is a joy to have in our lives. She is a nurturing and sweet big sister. She is independent in many responsibilities – feeding our cat, making her bed, packing snacks for outings and play school, laying out her clothes, getting dressed herself, and so much more.

She continues to love cooking, and I have had fun the last few months writing up simple recipes for her to make. She does an awesome job, and she is so proud to bring her contributions to our community potlucks. She has also become interested in letters and writing. She likes to write her name and practice writing other words. She also likes to type words on the computer.

Lilia is a do-er. She is always busy making something, creating something, or trying to get me to help her with a project. She loves to try anything and everything herself – painting her own fingernails, fixing her own hair, opening a package herself, buckling her own carseat, etc. It’s a new thing for her that we have been able to sit down and have longer conversations that follow one line of thinking.

Lilia still loves girly things (like these polka-dotted fingernails she asked me to do). But, she’s tamed things down a bit. She now wears jeans frequently and tutus much less frequently.



At this less stable time in her young life, she’s needed more mommy time. And, I know that sometimes I let her down. Sometimes it’s easier to choose to put the baby to sleep than to deal with Lilia’s confusing emotions. But, I hope that, for the most part, I keep pressing in to our mommy-daughter relationship. She needs a little more, and it can be easy to feel like I don’t have any more to give. But, it’s the little things that can be so big….Today, I took her with me to a hair appointment I had. It was just the two of us, and I think it meant the world to her. She wore her sunglasses and asked me to put her hair in pigtails and a headband. She kept saying how lucky she was, because they had free chocolates there. She was sure to bring one home for her brother.

Which reminds me…she thinks of others. She cares about people and wants to make them happy. She is living up to her middle name – “mercy.” Oh my. I love this girl so much. And, the more I get to know her, my love for her just grows and grows. We did not expect to have a baby when we had her, but there has been no greater unexpected blessing in my whole entire life. I cannot imagine life without Lilia Mercy.


3 thoughts on “Lilia Mercy at FOUR Years Old

  1. Love the blogs today and that Lilia does make me laugh! Glad she still like Granola and Tom and I will pass on the mint flavor boogies when we get to Chicago.

    I can hardly wait to see and hold everyone. Hoping the weather will be warm and sunny so we can do a lot outdoors. Is there anything I need to bring for you Candace?



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    Alliance of Jefferson County



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