(Mostly Potty Humor) Quotes from Lilia

Lilia, telling me how it goes….”First, one kid says ‘poopy.’ Then, another kid says ‘pee.’ Then, we laugh. And then a grown-up comes and says ‘No more potty talk.'”

Lilia: “Look at this big booger! Do you wanna eat it, mom?”
Me: “NO! Yuck!”
Lilia: “But it’s the good kind. It tastes like MINT!”

While riding in the car…

Lilia (giggling): “My carseat is really stinky…because I keep tooting in it!”


Again in the car…

Lilia (wearing sunglasses): “I don’t like the sun. Or dogs. And, when it’s sunny, there are a LOT more dogs out.” (after a little questioning, I understood that she doesn’t like sun in her eyes, and she doesn’t like dogs she doesn’t know, especially ones that bark a lot. Don’t worry Nana, she still LOVES Granola!)




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