Simeon Thomas: Five Months Old



Sim 5 mos 807

Can you believe our new little guy is already five months old?! And, he is really seeming like an older baby now. He is getting quite aggressive with the reaching and grabbing. Recently, he was sitting in my lap at dinner, and he pulled my bowl of soup toward him so dramatically that it crashed to the ground and broke the bowl! He is also sitting up on his own a little bit.

Sim 5 mos 808

Simeon continues to be the smiliest of babies. He likes to get people’s attention, make eye contact, and then give them a big ol’ grin. He really is a sweet and joyful part of our lives. He is my happy thought these days…especially when I’m exhausted or the big kids are being difficult. Little Simeon can change the mood in an instant. He’s very outgoing and brightens lots of other people’s days, too. We’re just so thankful for this sweet babe!

Sim 5 mos 809




7 thoughts on “Simeon Thomas: Five Months Old

  1. I cannot wait to kiss on those chubby cheeks! What a cutie and how much fun I will have in Chicago with sweet Simeon.



    Lou Ann Nisbett


    Economic Development

    Alliance of Jefferson County



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