These Days…

  • These days, we spend most of our time and energy on the day-to-day…laundry, dishes, cooking, diapers, reading picture books over and over, picking up toys, getting kids dressed, putting kids to bed…
  • These days, we are reveling in the beginning of spring weather. Our little babe is getting hang out in the great outdoors for the first time in his nearly six months of life.
  • These days, I am setting my mind and my time to completing my Thai Bodywork program. In the last few weeks, I have done feedback session with instructors, and I have been approved to become an apprentice!
  • These days, we are waiting and praying for a new niece or nephew who will be arriving any day.
  • These days, we are preparing for my annual covenant group trip. This year, my seven dear friends from college will be convening near St. Louis. Simeon and I will be taking the Amtrak in just a few days!
  • These days, we are anticipating and planning more time with family in the coming months.
  • These days, we are itching to begin spring cleaning in our home.
  • These days, I am tweaking my diet to give me more energy and to lose the lingering baby fat.
  • These days, we are surrendering and waiting and listening for where God may lead us in the future.

And, this week, we begin a week of no “screens.” Prompted by Jedidiah’s school observing this national event, we have decided to try it as a family. I will be checking my e-mail each evening for 10 minutes, but that is all. The kids do not have much screen time in general, but it will be a stretch for Josh and me! I am expecting that the week will be a blessing, though!


One thought on “These Days…

  1. How cool that you were approved to be an apprentice! I could sure use a Thai massage right now.

    And keep checking that e-mail. We are hoping that that new niece or nephew comes sometime this week!

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