Mothers Day

I had a lovely Mothers Day this year. Josh made me delicious buckwheat pancakes and gave me a fun new Michael Pollan book about cooking. Both kids made me sweet cards. And, I got to go to a Mothers Day breakfast at Jedidiah’s school. He brought me in to his classroom, took me to my seat, and served me breakfast. It was quite heartwarming. Here’s a picture of us at the breakfast – both wearing orange vests, of course!


My favorite part of the holiday was hearing what the kids decided to write/dictate to me in their cards. In his card, Jedidiah wrote ” Mommy, You are special. You are kind. -Jedi.” Lilia dictated: “I love my mommy because she gives me kisses and because she’s home today (she was on a trip last week).” And, then, the best one of all…Jedidiah drew this picture of me and dictated these words:


Josh and I keep repeating these words. It’s so basic and so true. What a little treasure!

But, to be honest, I kinda felt like my “love bank” was already full in the mothering department this year. Though it is hard (and exhausting and trying and exasperating), mothering little ones is packed with displays of love and feeling needed and cuddling together. This year, I felt the need to remember how grateful I am to all those who have been “mothers” to me at different phases in my life and to thank those who have helped me to mother my own children. I am so grateful this is not an endeavor that I undertake on my own!

And, of course, I thought a lot about my own mother and how grateful I am for the ways that she shaped me as a person. I would not be who I am today without her. And, really, I think some of the things I like best about myself are things I learned from her. Thanks, mom, for being my mom!

Me and my mom - 1979

Me and my mom – 1979


One thought on “Mothers Day

  1. Wow, thank you Candace for such kind words about your Mother which mean the world to me! Goodness how amazing, sweet, kind, smart, loving, and talented you are! I am so proud of you and your beautiful sweet family. I love reading your blogs and what a surprise to read this one tonight. Thank you!

    Love MOM Sent from my iPad

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