Spring Cleaning & A Book for May

This week is spring cleaning week at our home. I am enjoying re-reading this wonderful book by Tsh Oxenreider. Tsh gives great reasons for why to choose simplicity, and she has clear practical advice on how to do it. After reading about the philosophical reasons for simple living, I feel re-energized to let go of some of the earthly possessions I’ve been holding onto for too long. This book gets me pumped up for going through our things and for cleaning in all the forgotten places. In addition, it is a great companion throughout the process, complete with checklists and natural cleaning supply recipes. Tsh is a mother of young children herself, so her perspective and ideas seem doable for some one like me. She also has more great resources online: Simple Mom.net.
So, here we go… I’m hoping that the apartment will feel fresh and welcoming when my parents arrive on SATURDAY! And, I’m hoping that we’ll feel a little more prepared for a baby boy who will be mobile before we know it!

And, for those of you hoping for a picture of the kiddos, here’s one of Jedidiah and Lilia at a recent birthday party. It was the birthday party of one of Jedidiah’s classmates. He was a great big brother, watching out for his little sister through the whole party.



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