Sweet Times with Nana & Pop Pop

We’ve had a great Memorial Day weekend with my parents, known as “Nana Lou Anna” and “Pop Pop Tom” to the kids. We even dedicated little Simeon at church on Sunday morning. It’s been a special time. Here are a few pictures from our weekend…

Lilia & Pop Pop



Jedidiah wearing a hat from Great-Grampa McCallister…



Jedidiah playing Legos



Sweet, smiling, 6-month-old Simmy!



Nana & Lilia

Simeon & his dadadada (as he likes to call him)



3 thoughts on “Sweet Times with Nana & Pop Pop

  1. Great photos! Do you have photos from the baby dedication? Glad mom and dad could be there. And that’s the first time I have heard you call Simeon “Simmy.” Is that a new nickname?

  2. Thanks, Mallary. No, we didn’t get ANY pictures of the dedication. I’m a little disappointed. We were all standing at the front and participating, so none of us were available to be taking photos. Josh, however, did get it on video, so it will be a part of the family dvd this year. And, yes, “simmy” is one of my favorite of Simeon’s many nicknames. 🙂

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