Ohhh, Lilia…

“Lilia, PLEASE wash your hands right away after you go potty.” She’s so smart, why can’t she get this???

Within five minutes, I hear her say, “I’m gonna keep this little box for when my teeth fall out. It’s only gonna be two years from now, mom.” I mean, she can plan ahead so well, but bathroom etiquette seems to elude her.

Then, just moments later, I see her sneak away from something in the living room. Then, with honesty and a big smile report, “I just had to taste my grass, mom.” She’s been growing a little pot of grass in the living room, and she’d just eaten a little of it.

Oh my, this girl…

Last night, at bedtime, she told me, “I think I wanna have a day for eating vegetables, a day for eating fruit, and a day for eating sweets. I wanna start on a healthy day, though.”

She cracks me up, makes me groan, drives me bonkers somedays, and warms my heart. My, she says and does the darndest things!


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