Six Months Old

Simeon 6 months

Six months old is probably one of my favorite ages…sitting up well but not crawling yet, smiley and friendly without any stranger anxiety, and responsive to all the exciting world around them. At six months old, Simeon is as happy as ever; in fact, he is downright giggly! His sister can get him giggling with little more effort than looking at him funny or jumping up and down.

Simeon is busy exploring everything he get his hands on (which is more and more each day). He also gets really excited about food. He’s the first of our children to be this way, so it’s kinda taken me by surprise. So far he’s only tried a few foods, as I’m taking the lazy (and hopefully more natural and smooth) route this time around. I’m not making him baby food, but I’m just incorporating him in our meals as much as possible. So far, he’s liked everything he’s tried, which includes bone broth, avocado, apple, banana, and sweet potato. Oh – and he has two adorable little teeth now. They actually broke through at about five and a half months.

Simeon 6 months.3

Up until this week, I’ve noticed no inclination toward mobility. And, that is a fact I’ve been pleased as punch about. Having a mobile baby in the house just seems like it will up my stress level to more than I can handle. On top of that, the thought of having a mobile baby at the beach this summer just about gives me an anxiety attack. I’ve been hoping for a late crawler – 9 or 10 months old would be just fine, don’t you think? But, alas, the little explorer is making some efforts in that direction. But, here’s the good part: I’ve already been impressed with how carefully his older brother and sister watch out for him and notice if he’s getting something he shouldn’t. The most comforting thought I’ve had about the whole thing is that I’ll have two extra sets of eyes and hands helping me to keep little choking hazards out of this guy’s mouth. I think we’re gonna be okay. (But, I’m still hoping for a late crawler…)

This little sweetie keeps bringing joy to all those around him. He is a cuddly, squeezable, happy little fellow. He is happy to sit with new people in church or to smile at just about every stranger on a walk. He has been a sweet, sweet blessing to our family. I mean, how could you not fall in love with this radiant little bundle…

Simeon 6 months.2


3 thoughts on “Six Months Old

  1. What a cuties and very sweet baby boy! I cannot say Simeon without smiling, because he is always smiling.

    Great blog and beautiful pictures!



    Lou Ann Nisbett


    Economic Development

    Alliance of Jefferson County



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