They Crack my Up: Family Quotes

Overheard from the next room:

Josh: “Jedidiah, I’d like to give you a fashion tip each day. Here’s the one for today: when choosing a shirt, choose one that is short enough that you can still see your pants.” Apparently, Jedidiah was a wearing a shirt that completely covered his shorts. 🙂

Lilia (holding a butter packet she’d brought home from a restaurant): “Mom, I want to eat this butter. Will you make me some hot bread?”

Me: “You mean toast?”

Lilia: “Yeah!”


Jedidiah: “When I grow up I wanna be a policeman. But, I want to be a really NICE policeman. When I stop some one who is going too fast, I’ll just say, ‘Slow down there, little fella!'”


Yesterday, I did a Thai Bodywork session on my Thai massage mat in the living room while the kids were playing in the backyard with a babysitter. As soon as they came back in the house, they immediately saw the mat on the floor. Without a pause, they flung themselves onto the mat and started playing and rolling around. They untucked the sheet covering the mat and rolled up in the sheet. Who knew a mat could be so much fun?! Then, a few minutes later, I walked in the room to find Jedidiah wrapped up in the sheet and Lilia “tying him up” with a ponytail holder. She looked at me and said, “I’m tying him up so I can have a little space. I need some time by myself.” Jedidiah agreed that this is what was happening, with no effort to get away.

Wow. I live with a funny bunch!


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