Seven Months

Sim Seven Months3

My baby is growing up, and I’m in denial. I just wish he could stay a little baby forever! He has been the sweetest, happiest baby I could imagine. In fact, sometimes he is so sweet and happy that I get absorbed in the rest of life and almost forget about him! He generally sleeps really well, he is content playing by himself, and he has three other family members in our home who love and entertain him. When he wakes up bright and early, Jedidiah usually wakes around the same time. They play together in the living room, and I often go back to sleep.

But this morning, Simeon woke up bright and chatty at 4 am…quite a bit before his big brother usually wakes up. So, I got a special hour with babbly, smiley Simmy. I LOVED the one on one time, getting to kiss and cuddle all those amazing rolls of chub and listen to all the precious new baby sounds. I almost felt sad in that moment that he has been such a good sleeper – nothing bonds people like middle of the night time. I actually thanked God for the early weeks of Simeon’s life when his fussiness and gassiness gained him lots of one on one attention.

As I interacted with this almost-eight-month old baby this morning, I noticed how much he has changed and grown. He is big and healthy and strong and full of life! He is days away from crawling. He is affectionate and loves playing sweet little baby games. He seems like he’s been around for awhile now, like I know him. I was able to tell him stories about himself, like I do with the big kids. And, when he turned the corner to sleepiness again, I noticed every little sign. I relished the moment that he rolled his chubby self toward me, rubbed his eyes, and cuddled close to me to fall asleep. And, as I’ve done for nearly eight months now, I cupped my hand over his brow, and he nestled his face into my hand and let sleep overtake him.

Sim Seven Months2

In general, Simeon remains a happy, giggly guy. But, he’s been a little fussy the past few days. I’m contributing this partly to the hot weather we’ve been having (the first hot weather of Simeon’s whole life!) and to his frustration about not quite being able to crawl, yet. He may also be working on more teeth or just feeling a little mommy-clinginess. When he’s fussy, he’s happiest to be wrapped up in the mei tai and to join me as I wash dishes or pick up the house.

Simeon is our first baby who LOVES to eat! (I just read a book that I’ll review soon about feeding babies. This book convinced me that the reason my other two kids did not like food was that I started with the wrong foods.) Making baby food has been a good way for me to connect with Simeon. He  gets really excited about each new dish I present to him. He loves bone broth, liver pate, blended veggie soup, mashed sweet potato, mashed banana, avocado, soft-boiled egg yolk, and homemade plain yogurt. Last night I made him bone marrow custard, so he’ll get to try that today! I am convinced that these traditional and nourishing foods are a great start for our baby boy, and he’s joining in the fun with enthusiasm!

Simeon continues to be a social baby, with eyes especially for his daddy and siblings. He seems really smart to me, like he understands a lot and communicates well. I think he may be an early talker. He continues to “use the potty” a couple of times each day. When he’s excited about something, he bounces up and down with a giant smile on his face. He hasn’t quite hit the separation anxiety phase, and I’m praying he can hold off until after our trip to visit grandparents in August.

As I say every time, this sweet boy is a joy & gift to our family! He absolutely melts my heart.

Sim Seven Months


2 thoughts on “Seven Months

  1. Love that last picture of this happy sweet baby boy. Enjoy those babies they grow up so fast! You are such a good mother and Sim knows that!

    Blessings and love.


    Lou Ann Nisbett


    Economic Development

    Alliance of Jefferson County



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