Fathers Day & Doughnuts


We’ve had a great tradition of eating doughnuts on Fathers Day for many years now. Back when we were a little less health-focused, we simply splurged and bought doughnuts on Fathers Day. Then, we started making the fried kind at home. This year, we bought a doughnut pan (think muffin tin with doughnut-shaped molds). We surprised Josh with perfect little cake doughnuts that were even friendly to his grain-free diet! We made quite a variety – gingerbread, coconut, chocolate, and caramel pecan. The kids decorated them with coconut, cinnamon, and nuts. It was a fun, and quite delicious, treat. We also gave him a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug with the kids picture on it. As unlikely as it sounds, he’s actually been wanting one of those for a long time!

Finally, we presented him with a writing all about him that kids dictated to me. It was a truly hilarious document. I cannot find it right now, but I’ll post it as soon as I do. Be prepared for a good laugh.

Also, it turns out that making doughnuts with a doughnut pan is super-easy. SO, we’ve made quite a few doughnuts since Fathers Day…


What Lilia looked like after eating the doughnuts. ๐Ÿ™‚


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