Grandmother Gail’s Cherry Jelly


When I was a kid, I didn’t really like jelly…except my Grandmother Gail’s homemade cherry jelly. She had a cherry tree in her backyard, and she would make jam and pies from those cherries. They were the little sour cherries, the ones that look like they came right out of a story book. It’s been many years since It’s been many years since I’ve eaten homemade cherry jelly, and I’ve missed it quite a bit.


Imagine my delight, when I found out a friend of ours has one of these sour cherry trees in her backyard. She welcomed us to come anytime and pick as many as we wanted. So, we went as a family one morning and had a lovely time picking cherries. Then, I spent a late night pitting cherries and making jelly. And, boy is it good.

Camera 360


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