Simbo Timbo No Sa Rimbo


Here’s a little more about our Simeon. First of all, he has more than a dozen nicknames…

Sim, Sim-O, Simmy, Simmy-O, Simmy-Timmy, Sim Tom, Simmeroo, Little Chubby, Simbo, Simbo Timbo No Sa Rimbo (based on a not-very-culturally-accurate Chinese tale), and the related “Simmy Timmy No Sa Rimby.”

And here are a few of his developmental milestone in photos:

Riding in a shopping cart…





Eating in his bumbo…




Playing in an exer-saucer (this doesn’t belong to us, as I despise large plastic contraptions; BUT, it lives in the basement of our building, and I sometimes bring it outside for him to play in while we all hang out in the backyard)…



And, here are a few more photos of our cutie pie hanging out with the fam…




4 thoughts on “Simbo Timbo No Sa Rimbo

  1. There was a book on the UMW reading list last year that sounds like the one you referred to that was not culturally correct. This book was about the baby naming ceremony. Is that the same book? If so, what was not accurate?

  2. Ah. The book I read and was thinking about was actually based on KOREAN tradition, “What Will You Be, Sara Mee?”.

  3. I LOVED tikki tikki tembo when I was little! LOVED it. For an embarrassingly long time I refused to read other books, prefering to recite that one instead. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one who has read it (repeatedly) despite the embarrassing cultural inaccuracies.

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