Summertime Fun

P1000154Summer is here! We decided not to do any classes or camps this summer, so we are getting lots of sweet time together – all three kids and momma. Every morning, we’ve been doing “The Morning Ritual,” something I came up with on a whim. First thing in the morning, we throw on clothes (or sometimes the kids just throw shoes on with their pj’s), and we head out to the front of our building. We sing “Good Morning Dear Earth” and “This is the Day that the Lord has Made.” Then, we walk around the block to greet the new day, notice the world around us, and praise God for His creation. We often pick and eat mulberries off the tree in the front yard, too. Then, we come home and make and eat breakfast. It’s been a great way to start everyone off in a good mood and to get us all outside at the beginning of the day (great for setting our body clock!).


At the Botanic Gardens with our friend, Isaac.

We’ve been doing more outings than usual – The Chicago Botanic Gardens, North Park Village Nature Center, parks, the library (and the summer reading program), Dave’s Rock Shop, the beach (every Thursday), and lots of backyard playtime! The kids also took two weeks of swimming lessons.

In addition, we have a “Jar of Fun.” It’s a jar full of fun little activities to do when we need an idea to spice things up. The kids just draw a piece paper out of the jar, and we give it a try! One activity we drew was to “make party hats and then find a reason to celebrate!” We celebrated Simeon’s seven month birthday with water activities! Our neighbor Seth joined in the fun, too.


The kids and I have also planned a one-week Summer Day-Camp for all our Reba friends. We’re excited about all the fun field trips and activities we’ve chosen for that week.

It’s been a great summer so far! The weather has been great, and I love the relaxed and spontaneous time with the kids.


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