What a Week

Those are the words that rattled in my head and came out of my mouth hundreds of times this week.

What a week. 

As you know, this was the week of fun camp activities that my kids and I had planned together. We had 20 to 25 participants (adults and children), and we had a fantastic time! I shared already about the treasure hunt to the hidden park and the giant banana split.

On Tuesday, we went to a favorite beach. Here are a few pictures of my sweeties.



And then, we ate these adorable “crabby sandwiches,” assembled from ingredients we all contributed.



On Wednesday, we went to a fantastic little nature center, where we got to walk around in a wetland and an oak savanna. For lunch, we all brought fresh salad ingredients, homemade dressings, and different choices of proteins to put on our salads. The best part of the day was seeing a momma deer and her baby. We were even able to get really close to them!P1000323

On Thursday, we went to the Native American museum. This little Evanston treasure is wonderfully kid-friendly, with many items for children to touch and interact with. There is even a tipi with a simulated fire for the kids to sit inside. Here are a few photos from that experience.





Afterward, we returned to our backyard for Navajo tacos. My amazing husband made the fry bread and meat, and everyone else contributed toppings. What a delicious meal!

And, what a week!

And, that would have been quite enough, don’t you think?

Except, that wasn’t all that happened this week.

This year, way back in January, I opened myself up to something God placed upon my heart. I accepted a nudge in my spirit to test out the work of supporting women in labor. There seemed no way to make this happen, but I told the Lord that I was willing. It is rare that a woman would ask some one to support her who has not ever done this kind of work before. But, God found a way. Not long after, two families asked me if I would be willing to support them in births this summer. Two families, not one. I was overwhelmed by God’s way of dropping this in my lap, so to speak.

This week, the births that I had been awaiting…the births that I though might happen last week…found their perfect timing to be this week. The first call came at 1:45 early Thursday morning. And, much to my surprise (and the surprise of the couple), the birth went so quickly that the midwife did not make it in time. The midwife and her assistant came in the door just minutes later. The mother and baby were quite healthy and amazingly beautiful. But, what a first experience with birth work, wouldn’t you say??

What a week. 

Then, at 1:45 early Friday morning, I got the second call. This time, the midwife and midwife assistant both made it in time. But, again, a beautiful, wonderful homebirth.

I am emotional and humbled and totally in love with these sweet families. I have no idea what the future holds for me and whether I will ever do this again. But, I am so grateful for these two holy and beautiful moments, as I got to be present when two little ones entered this world.

We had a camp activity planned for Friday, but the weather did not cooperate. I am taking that as a little grace from the Father, who knew I needed to sleep after two nights of being up all night!

On top of all of this, my diligent husband has been planning a Christian communities gathering and preparing for the visit of El Salvadoran artist Fernando Llort. He even hung an art show for him, on top of everything else!

What a week.

After an emotional high and much to be grateful for, we all fell apart on Saturday. Today, we are recovering, resting, and praising God for his goodness. I am hoping for a few more low-key days ahead of us.



3 thoughts on “What a Week

  1. What wonderful, fantastic, blessed week you did have. God is so good and loving that sometimes we are in a state of mind that we cannot comprehend.
    This will take time to absorb, but what wonderful things to fall back on in your quite moments. Thank you for sharing your wonderful week with me.
    Love you……….Memaw

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