Frist Grader



Jedidiah started first grade last week! It’s been a smooth transition and almost non-event for us this year. I can hardly believe that I’m writing that, but it’s true. After one year at this school, I feel much more confident about our school choice. We know people, now. The schedule is familiar (and actually really helpful to give all of us a more secure routine). Jedidiah’s teacher seems great so far. He’s in the full-inclusion class again this year, so there are several children in his class with disabilities. Also, some of their aides are the same as last year, so Jedidiah already knows several of the adults in his class.



And, the report from him is that he likes first grade even better than kindergarten!

P1000469He seems to thrive in a school environment in a way that I never expected. You’ll remember that last year we decided to homeschool before finding out that he made it into this local arts magnet school. I often think about what homeschooling might have been like. And, there are things that I try to focus on in the afternoons and summer break that I think he doesn’t get in school (nature time, prayer, playing independently, our family’s faith and values). Yet, I feel peace about where he is and the experience he is having.

P1000463And, he is so goofy and excited about it, how can I not be thankful and happy with him?! We do not know where God will lead us in the future, but I am glad that He has provided this great school for Jedidiah for right now.





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