Seven Years Old


Our oldest, Jedidiah Wake, turned seven on August 10th. We had a little family celebration with my sister and her family, who were in town on his actual birthday. We had a party a few weeks later, once our busy summer plans were over.


At seven, Jedidiah is as bubbly and talkative as ever. Don’t get him started on dinosaurs or ninjas or Disney World or science, unless you’re ready to have him talk your ear off! He can remember just about everything he has ever read, and, at this point, his wealth of knowledge in certain areas has surpassed mine. He loves to learn facts, especially about science and nature.


I remember reading when Jedidiah was a baby that the “full body smile” that baby’s often exhibit (a smile that radiates to the tips of their fingertips and toes) disappears by the age of one. Jedidiah still has a “full body smile” at seven years old.


He is a fun and silly guy, who loves to giggle and play. He can play contentedly alone for hours on end. I love the rare moment when I can secretly listen to him playing – making all sorts of great sound effects and making up conversations among his dinosaurs or lego men.


Jedidiah is great with younger children. He’s especially great with his baby brother. Here is building a “pillow fort” for Simeon. Yesterday, I asked Jedidiah to carry Simeon into the living room and set him gently on the floor (I needed to go to the bathroom). When I came into the living room a few minutes later, Jedidiah was still holding Simeon (who is quite heavy for him). I said, “Jedidiah, sweetie, I told you to set him down in the living room.” With a big smile, Jedidiah said, “I know! I’ve tried several times, but when I set him down he cries & when I pick him up he gigggles!” What a sweet big brother!

P1000201Jedidiah continues to be an emotional kid. He has his ups and downs.

P1000198We work on teaching him good coping skills for when he’s upset, and he’s getting it more and more. We also talk about the good things about being sensitive – he was quite surprised to learn that there are good things about it.

P1000197Jedidiah is doing great in school – making lots of friends, following rules well, and learning many new skills and facts. This semester he started an after-school Tae Kwon Do program (something else that will get him talking, if you ask him about it!). Also, Jedidiah is a great eater these days. He still steers clear of food dyes & preservatives with amazing self-control. But, he also eats almost every fruit, vegetable, meat, nut, or dish that we put in front of him. He was a picky eater as a little guy, but he’s really come around!

P1000448Jedidiah is wonderfully creative and imaginative. For his birthday, he planned this fantastic “Iguanodon” party. For those who are unfamiliar, an Iguanodon is a plant-eating dinosaur with two pointy thumbs. We ate lots of green food at the party – just like Iguanodons. We posted facts about the dinosaur. And, we gave each child a pointy thumb, to feel a little more like an Iguanodon.


The kids did a challenge with their thumbs on: moving leaves from one bucket to another using only their dino thumbs. We used several types of plants that were around when Iguanodons were.

P1000444Then, we ate this “Cycad Cake.” Cycads were one of Iguanodon’s favorite foods. Jedidiah planned a part B to the party, in which the older kids stuck around for dinner and an Iguanodon movie: Disney’s Dinosaur. We had “leafy pizza” – spinach pizza while the kids watched the movie and the grown-ups hung out and talked. It was a really fun party.

P1000458Jedidiah (pictured here with his Iguanodon thumbs) had a great time!

We love this boy! He is full of life, he is compassionate, and he is hungry for learning. We thank God for choosing him to be in our family and for choosing us to be his parents!

This photo is a repeat, but it’s one of my favorites. It’s from Mothers Day in his kindergarten class last year.



6 thoughts on “Seven Years Old

  1. You sure do have a fantastic son. He has a great Mom & Dad too (Not mention a little Sister and baby brother Semeon)

    Thank you………….I enjoyed every photo and the message.


  2. He could not be seven!! love the pictures and please do not stop all the wonderful posts!
    I want a chance at hearing all about whatever he wants to tell me…………very soon!!
    love you all!

    • Isn’t it crazy?! I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we left Clovis. I think of you guys often, and I’d LOVE to see you. We’re hoping to make it to the Dallas area during the week of Thanksgiving, but that’s probably not quite close enough to meet up…

  3. Love this Jedi quote: “I know! I’ve tried several times, but when I set him down he cries & when I pick him up he giggles!” What a great heart he has. And that looked like a fantastic birthday party!

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