August & September


Are you ready for a long (but as brief as possible) update on our past couple of months? Well, ready or not, here we come…


We had a great summer, with laid back routines and fun activities up until about the first week of August. Here are a few pictures from a particularly sweet summer day.


We had a little picnic and watched these fluffy, brand-new ducklings.


It was a quiet moment before the busy-ness of camp and births and SMC reunion and visitors and family vacation hit. But, all that excitement was a lot of fun, too.

2013-08-07 17.48.32

Josh organized a gathering of members from about eight communities. It was like a family reunion of sorts for those of us who live in intentional Christian communities. Also, we sponsored a visit of a dear friend of our communities: a famous El Salvadoran artist named Fernando Llort.

2013-08-05 10.36.22

It was a joy to have Llort and several members of his family here. His story is beautiful and deeply inspiring to a life of faith and art in action. Josh and others helped to arrange many shows of his artwork while he was here. He also created this piece as a gift to our communities.

2013-07-31 18.29.17Then, my sister Mallary, my brother-in-law Chip, and my new nephew Pilgrim came to stay with us for a few days. Here are my sister and I with our baby boys who are just six months apart.

Mal & Candace with baby boysWe all loved little Pilgrim…

Mal & Jedi & PilgrimWhat a joy to be with family! There is just a depth of connection that cannot be matched.

Mal & whole family shot

After a visit from some new friends from a community in New Mexico, we were on our way to Florida for a bonafide family vacation!

FL Gramma & SimeonWe had a lovely time visiting Josh’s amazing parents. Simeon unfortunately got sick for the first time, but he was still pretty sweet and cuddly.

FL Sponge Diving Boat

We went to a fantastic little town called Tarpon Springs, where we went on a boat tour and saw a sponge diver suit up in traditional diving gear and then dive for sea sponges. FL Jedi in Tarpon Springs FL - Simeon in Tarpon Springs

FL Lilia & a Sting Ray FL Simeon & Sponge Diver

FL Jedi Feeding a SharkThe town is very Greek, as many sponge divers immigrated from Greece many years ago. We ate delicious Greed food for lunch. Then, we went to this perfect little aquarium where we got to feed sharks and pet sting rays.

We also got to see some dear friends we knew back in New Mexico. They have since moved to Florida.

2013-08-17 15.37.34

FL Dave and Rhonda BoswellAnd, after much considering, we decided to do one day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It was truly a memorable day. Our kids were the perfect ages for this little adventure. And, they love to tell people all about it!

FL Mom & Lil Flying Elephant FL Simeon Small World FL Disney group shot FL Disney Castle Family FL Family and MickeyJosh, Jedidiah, and Chris (Grampa) drove back to Chicago in a van, given to us by Josh’s great aunt. What an amazing gift for our family of five! I flew home with Lilia and Simeon.

Then, it was time for a birthday party and back to school (see past posts for more about these). It took us a few weeks to find our rhythm and catch our breath.

And then, we had a lovely visit from my best friend Jenni. As I write this, I realize how blessed I am to have so many deep and long-lasting relationships in my life.

Jenni CollageWe had long talks and some fun outings. On her last evening here, we went to a neighborhood with Indian restaurants and grocery stores. We enjoyed walking around a bit then bought mango lassis.

2013-09-15 20.00.46

We are hibernating a bit now. We are finding our routines and organizing and planning for what’s ahead; but, we are still doing a lot of remembering and processing all the goodness of the past few months.


3 thoughts on “August & September

  1. Rhonda!!! How sweet that you got to see Rhonda and David!! I loved all the pictures of your adventures……..both large and small!! I want to be in some of your family pictures one of these days……..very soon! love to you all!

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