Four and a Half

My Lilia Mercy is four and a half. She is absolutely amazing. Yes, she is terribly stubborn and can be whiny at times, but still, somehow, we think she’s just great.

Here she is a month or so ago on her first day of preschool. She and her best buddy Seth (who was also our next-door neighbor until just recently) go to a parks district playschool class together. They learn about science, art, the alphabet, and animal habitats. They make beautiful masterpieces, play on the playground, listen to stories, and build with blocks and play dough. It’s just perfect. AND, they have one of the sweetest teachers I’ve ever met.

P1000474 P1000477

Lilia’s love of cooking continues. One day recently, I looked in the refrigerator and said, “It’s time to eat, but nothing sounds good to me.” Lilia responded, quite surprised, “Are you kidding me, mom? We have so much good food in the fridge! I’ll make you a nice treat for lunch.” She proceeded to make me this wonderful yogurt parfait – layered with blueberries and nuts. It was delicious! She even selected these special glasses and made one for each of us.
P1000504 P1000505

A few days later, she made this awesome fruit platter for a community potluck…


She is quite capable in the kitchen, which is a mixed blessing. She can be a great help, but she feels a little too empowered sometimes. I often walk in the kitchen and find her experimenting with ingredients I did not approve. I take a deep breath and remind myself that later I’ll be glad that she developed an independent spirit and a love of cooking.


Lilia is a fantastic big sister. She loves her baby borther. And, by her own admission, wishes he could be awake all the time when she is awake. She, again in her confident and independent way, “helps” him a little too much sometimes. Josh and I are getting tired of saying, “LILIA, for the hundredth time, you CAN’T pick him up.” Still, somehow, Simeon adores her.


Lilia loves to be outside and go on outings. Here she is in a group of strangers riding her bike at the “Bike the Ridge” event in Evanston. She is adventurous and usually pretty fearless. She continues to be quite shy around most strangers, though. I’m always surprised, because she is generally very talkative and confident around so many people.



This summer, our pediatrician detected a heart murmur at Lilia’s routine check-up. He asked that we see a pediatric cardiologist, just to rule out any serious causes of the murmur. This was the first time for any of our children to see a specialist, and we were nervous and praying for our precious girl. We got a good recommendation for a doctor from friends in our community. We got an awesome report: the murmur was nothing at all, just the sound Lilia’s heart makes. No reason to worry or even ever have a follow-up visit! We praise the Lord for Lilia’s healthy, strong, growing heart!
LIlia Heart Doctor


Lilia and I are developing a sweet mother-daughter bond lately. She loves to write and draw, and she often writes “mom” or draws pictures for me. She made a list on my door that says “Lilia” “mom” and lists several outings that she wants us to do, just the two of us. So far we have gone out for hot chocolate together. She is hoping for a trip to the candy store and a pedicure (I had one when I was pregnant, and she’s wanted one ever since.) We also went to a mother-daughter belly dance class recently, which was a real hoot. We’ll have to post a video of her demonstration to Josh after the class.

Like I said, she has her moments…her stubborn, break-downs (like on our way home from church this morning, when she threw a fit because we weren’t taking the path she wanted us to). But, she is developing character and her personality is blooming. She is a ton of fun and a great helper. She is resilient, happy, quirky, and sweet.

P1000548I’m so glad she lives at my house. 🙂

Coming soon: a photo of Lilia on her half-birthday, when she decided to go to church dressed as Strawberry Shortcake…



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