Eleven Months.

Simeon 11_Months06

This guy is fun! He is happy and busy and adorable. He is rough and tumble. He loves to babble away, and sometimes it really seems like he’s really saying words. He definitely says Gonzo (our cats name). He either says “Dah-do” or “Gongo.” He says it in a sing-songy way, with the first syllable high and the second syllable lower.

Simeon can pull up and cruise and free stand and crawl really, really fast.

We are all still totally in love with this little fella. But, he is getting harder to keep up with…




5 thoughts on “Eleven Months.

  1. With Gonzo and a big sister……………….WOW what more could you want.

    I am really getting excited about Thanksgiving and having you all coming and staying at

    my house. Last time I saw him he was so little and of course just smiling away.

    Want be long now.

    Love you, Memaw

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