Birthday Baby


Our little Simeon turned ONE on November 15th. He is still just about the happiest little fellow you ever met. We celebrated the big day with presents and breakfast with our family. Our plans to celebrate with a larger circle of friends fell through, and we decided to celebrate over Thanksgiving in Arkansas with my family.

One of Simeon’s birthday presents was this adorable little outfit from my mother-in-law, Jane. So cute, in fact that we decided to take his birthday pictures in it, as well as our Christmas photo of all three kids (to be revealed in our Christmas card).


Here are a few things about Simeon at this age…

  • He is a FAST crawler. He took a few first steps at my Memaw’s house in Texas over Thanksgiving. Then, in the last couple of days, he has started really walking (he’s almost 13 months, now). He is very proud of his new walking ability and quite determined with it. I’m hoping that achieving this new milestone will result in resumed good sleep.
  • Simeon LOVES his dada or “dadoo,” as he sometimes calls him. He fusses when daddy gets home until he picks him up and hugs him.
  • Simeon is a little talker. He says all sorts of things that sound like real things, but we don’t understand most of them. He also says 10-15 words or sound effects (most of them starting with “d”): dada, dadoo, dawdo (for Gonzo, our cat), all done, down, bye-bye (more like “bah bah” – and he does that adorable little open and close hand wave which make me melt), diah (for Jedidiah), mama, doggy, woof-woof, yi-yah (or something close to that for Lilia), nana (my mom),  pop pop (my dad), and (just today) “I huddy” with the sign for hungry. He can also pant like a dog and do sign language for more, milk, and no. I’m so surprised by all this!! Sim (which means listener) is quite a communicator! The other day when he woke up, he noticed Josh was not in the bed (he was already up); Simeon said “Dada, bye bye.”


  • He finally seems to be into peek-a-boo – a bit of a late bloomer on this one…
  • He can climb all three flights of stairs to the top of our building.
  • Simeon loves mealtime. He refuses to be fed, but he loves working on his little tray of food. He often stays happily eating in his chair for 20-30 minutes.
  • He is very busy these days. He loves to explore every nook and cranny and pull items out of cabinets or off of shelves. He can stay occupied for hours in a different home or setting, which makes it easier for me to leave him with a sitter in a new environment. He is too busy exploring to notice that I’m gone.
  • sim12months
  • He likes music. It always calms him down in the car. And, he gets excited when he sees me going to turn on the stereo. He will also dance on command.
  • He is afraid of the blender, just like his older siblings.
  • He can give real kisses, now.
  • He is 22 pounds – 50th percentile. He is just right, and he still has some pretty sweet chub.

We love him so much. He’s a blessing and a joy. He is still really friendly, so it’s fun to be able to share his joy with others in our community. The year has gone by in a blink, and I feel like there is so much I’ve already forgotten. But, I know that I have been present with this little guy to the best of my ability. I would live this year over again in a heartbeat. It’s been a year of joy and sweetness.



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