What We’re “Into” These Days

Jedidiah has always been a kid who gets really “into” something for awhile, be it trains or dinosaurs or ninjas. I thought it would be fun to take a little inventory of what each person in our family is “into” right now…I think it’ll give you a little glimpse into everyday life around here.

We’ll start with Jedidiah, since he’s the original inspiration for this post…

  • Beyblades – Jedidiah learned about these modern spinning tops from friends at school. Thanks to Christmas money from Memaw, he finally got a few of his own…
  • P1000812 P1000813 P1000814Legos – he can now follow the directions and build complicated sets with little or no help. I’m so impressed with this skill!
  • Dragons.
  • Slight the Fox – this is a series of chapter books Jedidiah has dictated to me and I have written. The main character is a skinny fox that Jedidiah thinks of as very much like himself.
  • Pokemon – Jedidiah is very newly excited about Pokemon and excited about the Pokemon gift he got for Christmas from Uncle Jason!
  • Rainbow loom.

And now, what Lilia is into…

  • Drawing and coloring – she is amazing. AMAZING. She draws fantastic pictures, colors carefully in the lines and in the appropriate colors. I never taught her these things, she just naturally likes them. She makes me heartwarming “MOM and LILIA” drawings multiple times a day. I love it.
  • Cooking – Lilia can make real food – fruit salads, dessert balls, hot chocolate, oatmeal, nachos. She’s even made up her own recipes for cookies and they’ve turned out pretty good. She thinks of all the ingredients that are important, and she rarely misses one. She says things like, “Sweet things always need a little salt, too!” She loves to contribute to potlucks. She got a new cookbook for Christmas, and she is more inspired than ever. She made a milkshake yesterday and said, “This is the best smoothie I’ve ever had!” Poor child, she’d never had a milkshake before…
  • Legos. (Thanks to Memaw, she now has some of her own.)

P1000808 P1000809

  • Dolls -particularly her new bath baby.
  • Puzzles – she’s suddenly super-good at them. Blows me away.
  • Typing on the computer.
  • Strawberry shortcake.


Simeon is “into” some simpler things…

  • Forks – Simeons LOVES forks. He would prefer to eat with one in each hand. He will steal yours, if you let him get close enough. He will not let anyone feed him. At all. And, he would rather not eat anything if he does not have a fork. If you take one away (like when it’s time to get down from the high chair), be prepared for much crying…
  • Writing utensils (pens, crayons, markers) – You thought he cried a lot over that fork? Just wait until you try taking away a marker…red face, shaking, a complete broken heart. Simeon LOVES to color, but he still also loves to eat the utensil he was coloring with. It’s difficult to navigate. Lilia got him a little magnadoodle for Christmas, and that’s a pretty good compromise.
  • Dancing.
  • Saying “bye bye” anytime he or anyone else puts a coat on.
  • His siblings – he now calls their names when he wakes up in the morning: “Yi-yah!! Diah!!”


Josh is into…

  • Playing his mandolin.
  • Reading about community.
  • Remodeling the furniture store where he works.
  • Photography.

And, Candace…

  • Hot water with lemon.
  • Bone broth.
  • Simple handicrafts.
  • Reading, watching, listening to everything she can about health and healing through traditional food.
  • Soaking up the sweetness of a chubby baby, a feisty little girl, and a creative first grader.


It’s a good life.



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