Lilia Quotes

Lilia: “I’m so excited about Jack!!”

Me: “Great! Who’s Jack?”

Lilia: “The bird I made a house for. But, don’t worry, I’m not getting a bird from a pet store. I’m just gonna get one from outside.”


While making pancakes together…

Me: “Lilia, I think you should just stay four years old.”

Lilia: “No. I’m gonna turn five! And, look at you, momma, you grew up. So, I’m gonna grow up, too!”


Me: “I’m gonna miss you when you go off to kindergarten. Couldn’t you just stay four years old?”

Lilia (whispering): “Remember what we talked about when we were cooking…”


Lilia: “Mom, isn’t it great?! I’m gonna make milk cups!”

Me: “What are those?” (As I’m cooking dinner & running behind…)

Lilia: “Oh, you’ll see…”

Me: “I need to know what’s in them.” (voice of experience, after giving Lilia too much freedom in the past)

Lilia: “Oh, you’ll find out as I ask you for each one.”

Me: “No. I need to know BEFORE you make them.”

Lilia: “Okay. Mom, get a pen and write this down.”

Me: “I can’t. I’m cooking dinner & running behind on time.”

Lilia: “Okay. I’ll write them down.” (She proceeded to ask for the spelling of each word: Milk, eggs, honey, and yogurt. She wrote them down very carefully and legibly.) “Isn’t this great, mom? I’m making a recipe for you!” (She knows I prefer to cook with a recipe.)

Me: “Are you going to cook those? Those are four important and kind of expensive ingredients.”

Lilia: “Don’t worry, mom, it’ll be good.”

After some negotiation, we decided to put this project off until another day. But, you’d better believe there is a similar conversation to this concerning projects or recipes several times each day.



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