Simeon These Days

Our little Simeon is so much fun these days! He toddles around with his little elbows pulled back and his arms pulled up. He babbles on and answers questions in full-on babble conversations. He can say quite a few words and make animal sounds. He loves to dance every time he hears music…and sometimes when he doesn’t. He just calls out “dan! dan!” (his word for dance) and starts bouncing up and down. He loves to explore new places (especially other people’s homes), but he likes to come and “check in” with momma every few minutes, too. He is learning new skills – stacking and knocking down, stomping one foot, putting items in containers – new things all the time! And, he’s just plain hilarious!! I could sit and watch him all day. I love seeing him interact with the world around him. It’s almost as though I can see his brain working and understanding new things.

Today, at the grocery store, Lilia showed him a doll, and he said the word “baby” for the first time. It was perfectly clear. Since then, he’s said “baby” several more times. Later in the day, I had him in the carrier and was picking up around the house some. I picked up one of Lilia’s dolls to put away, and Simeon got excited and wanted to hold it. Then, he hugged the baby and fell asleep. When I laid him down a few minutes later, he stirred until I handed him the doll again. Here are few pictures of these sweet moments…




And, here’s a picture of Simeon enjoying his two favorite foods: liver and bone marrow. No joke.


And one more sweet one of Simeon cuddling with “Yi-yah” and “Dawdo”…



2 thoughts on “Simeon These Days

  1. All are very cute and sweet. Very wonderful time in his life and a great time for those around him watching him.


  2. These pictures are darling. I love your descriptions of Simeon. They bring back so many memories for me as well as having pictures of Simeon in my mind.

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