Funny Fathers Day Letter

Here’s the hilarious Fathers Day letter from many months ago. The kids dictated this to me as a letter all about their daddy! I put in parentheses which kid gave certain responses. This was back in June – I think they might be more accurate now. I’ll have to try this again this year.


My dad is Josh McCallister Wade. He is 52 (Lilia) or 80 (Jedidiah) years old. He works at Plain and SImple, where he works on furniture and works on doing the customers – the people who come there to buy stuff. Daddy grew up in the Wild West. His parents are Chris McCallister and Jane something.

Some of daddy’s favorite things are doughnuts, exercising, beans, sleeping for a longer time, and mommy – Candace Nisbett.

I like the way daddy can drive (Jedidiah). I like his strong muscles (Lilia).

Daddy likes to go to a restaurant just with mommy (Lilia). Daddy also likes to make his muscles stronger with those big weights (Jedidiah). Daddy likes to cuddle me (Lilia). He likes that I’m his son (Jedidiah).

We love you, Daddy!!!!!!!!!


Jedi (6) & Lilia (4)

And, one pic of each kiddo, just for fun…

Lilia making her lunch for “Lunch Bunch” – she has one day of full day preschool this semester:

2014-01-14 07.51.04

Jedidiah with his mouthful of missing teeth:

2014-02-13 07.37.27

And, Simeon doing one of his favorite activities – washing his hands!

2014-01-31 21.44.55


9 thoughts on “Funny Fathers Day Letter

  1. Wow, Josh is a lot older than I thought, but that is what the kids think! Haha

    I will never forget when Shawn was about 6 years old and Gail asked him how old she was? Shawn thought for a moment and said about a 100! Wow now she is about a 100 years old.

    You can count on me never asking them how old they think Nana is?

    Heading to Denver today and will be back on Wednesday evening. Tom is suppose to go online this morning and put some money into Jedi’s “Heart Association fund raising’ today. We most certainly want Jedi to reach his goal.

    Always love reading your blog – you are such a great writer!



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