More Kid Quotes

Jedidiah: “My mouth is so hot that sometimes I don’t even need to chew – the food just starts melting!”


Lilia (after I grounded her from cooking for a few days for using ingredients without asking): “But, Mom! How can I not cook?!! I am a cook.”


Lilia (when I asked her where her friend Chen Wu (who doesn’t speak much English yet) is from): “I don’t know, but I’ll ask him. I can speak his language.”


Lilia (to our friend Jeanne): “I’m too good of a cook.”


Me (while on the phone): “Lilia, I need you to be a little queiter. I’m on the phone.”

Lilia (holding her play phone): “Well, I’m on the phone, too!”


Simeon likes words that end in the sound “oo.” He calls Josh “Dadoo.” He says “hold oo” when he wants us to pick him up. This morning he called the potty, “Pah-too.” And, when Lilia was talking about her friend Chen Wu, he said, “Chen-oo.” Unfortunately, the big kids have followed suit with the “oo” trend, and they are now calling me “Mom-oo.”


3 thoughts on “More Kid Quotes

  1. Still laughing on “How can I not cook” I am a cook? Way to funny! Chef Lilia probably will have her own cooking show someday!



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