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We are making a big deal out of Lent in our home this year. We’ve wanted to do more in the past, but we haven’t really made it happen before. And still, this year, it is more Josh and I who are taking on some new practices. Yet, we are reading verses with the kids and discussing Lent more with the children. We are also attempting to eat few sweets as a family, in addition to a more intense cleanse that Josh and I are doing. There are several levels to our participation in Lent this year…


First, there is the physical level. We are taking part in an intense Candida cleanse, that includes eliminating corn, wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts, vinegar, processed meats, caffeine, most fruits, and fermented foods from our diets. It also includes some detox and antifungal supplements, as well as probiotics. As much as that probably sounds like an excruciating undertaking, it’s actually been really fun! I put out a call on facebook for others to join us, and they did! It’s been a far greater group of folks than I ever expected – encouraging one another, posting new recipe ideas, asking tons of questions, and even answering questions I didn’t know how to address. So far (we are two weeks in), it’s been an amazing experience. And, people are seeing real results in weight loss, energy level, digestion, and more. I love this kind of stuff, and during Lent I’m searching and praying about how this sort of thing might fit into my future career.

Lilia eating her healthy food - half an avocado, strawberry smoothie, and egg made in the piggy pan.

Lilia eating her healthy food – half an avocado, strawberry smoothie, and egg made in the piggy pan.

Wheat and dairy free lasagna!

Wheat and dairy free lasagna!

Second, I have been taking in more spiritual food over Lent. I’ve been reading the daily devotionals at http://sortacrunchy.typepad.com/. The focus is on servanthood, which is a great topic for me as a mother of three. I have also been getting up early many mornings to pray and read the Common Prayer Book for Ordinary Radicals. Also, as a community and as a family, we have verses to focus on for each week of Lent.

Third, Josh and I are coming to God daily with the question about our future and about the possibility of Little Rock, Arkansas as a place for our family to help begin a Christian community. We lift this up to the Lord daily, pray together many days, and take time to share our insights and thoughts. We have decided to take another trip to Little Rock over spring break in April, as an opportunity to get to know the place and people better. This seems fitting, as it will be toward the end of Lent. We would love to have you praying with us about this big decision. We know that I move would not be easy, but we are ready to be faithful to God’s call and to give back from the wisdom and maturity that we have gained from living in Christian community here.

Also, I am liking the image of “pruning” this year. I am taking on less additional responsibilities and saying no to little things in my ay that feel stressful. In this way, I am making room to hear God. Finally, I am hoping to begin some hand work projects – perhaps crochet or sewing patches in the knees of Jedidiah’s pants. I am hopeful that some quiet work with my hands will help me to be still, to listen, and to pray.


4 thoughts on “Lent

  1. Impressive! LA and I are limiting carbs on fast days and not so much on the Sunday feast days. I have two small groups– a men’s group on Thursday mornings and a group on Wednesday evenings doing The Intercessory Life.

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