Seven and a HALF!


In February, our Jedidiah turned seven and a half. This is a great age for him. He is learning a TON. Here’s a list of things he did NOT know how to do at the beginning of first grade that he now knows well:

– How to READ!!

– How to tell time.

– How to write clearly and spell dozens of words correctly.

– How to count money.

– How to calculate dozens of math problems and count by many different multiples.

– How to draw better than his mom (at least in drawing things from his imagination).

And so much more…

Jedidiah is a sensitive and insightful kid. We are so happy with who he is and who he is becoming. He has great behavior at school, he is friends with both boys and girls (he gets angry when people say boys are better than girls or girls are better than boys), his classmates love him, he is creative, he is funny, he is an excellent big brother, he is a great eater (hardly ever picky & loves healthy foods), and he is growing in prayer and Bible study. This may be his best age, yet!

We celebrated his half birthday at school (since his actual birthday is in the summer). On birthdays, each child brings a healthy treat for the class, a story to read, and a poster with pictures from his/her life (see photo at top of post). He wanted homemade granola bars to share as a treat and the story “The Green Man” for his daddy to read to the class. It’s an inspiring story. We are thankful for this great kid God put in our family!

AND, isn’t he just the cutest thing ever with those two front teeth missing?!

2014-02-13 07.37.27


3 thoughts on “Seven and a HALF!

  1. What a special young man you have – oh you have two special young men! Give Jedi a special hug from his Nana!



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