Pictures from Winter 2014


2014-03-12 13.17.19

The winter is a time to hibernate a bit – to stay inside more, to eat warm & nourishing foods, and to get a little more sleep. Still, there’s been a lot of activity and growing going on during this long winter. Here’s an update through photographs…


Simeon loves to say “water,” and he says it pretty well. He also says “cup.”


Unfortunately, he does not really care about drinking much water. He prefers to pour it on the ground or all over himself.


He also likes to play in water in the form of taking baths and “helping” wash dishes.






Simeon is a bath beggar and wants in the tub anytime anyone else is in the bath.


Lilia declared an “apple day” in the middle of winter, and wore her apple shirt with red and green tights and red and green hair rubber bands. We also made homemade apple juice.

2014-03-12 13.03.32

Visiting a new toy store in the neighborhood…


The kids took a gymnastics class together this winter, where they learned floor, vault, balance beam, and rings.



Jedidiah actually got the report of “best cartwheel in the class,” and he was recommended to do a higher level class next term (if he decides he wants to take it again).


Our friends Allan & Jeanne came over for a Sabbath meal and story time.



The big kids have enjoyed “camping out” on the floor of the room on weekend nights a few times this winter.


Lilia is full of craft ideas, as always.


Jedidiah draws and draws and draws. He creates characters and stories and new Pokemons…

2014-03-09 15.31.41

Simeon does that thing where he scoots back and squats to try to sit on things. I love that phase! He tries to sit on little stools and chairs, but he also tries to sit on small toys!

2014-02-09 16.50.14




Simeon in his plastic bag “boots.” Thanks for the great idea, mom!

And, we continue to brave the cold and snow and get out in the great outdoors as much as possible. Yesterday, Lilia and I went “ice-skating” on the huge sheets of ice at the park. But, ice is melting and spring is in the air! Today is the official first day of spring.


4 thoughts on “Pictures from Winter 2014

  1. Pretty cute kiddo’s! Love the back shots of Sim in his monkey suit. Those kids are very creative like their parents.

    Thank you for sharing,

    Lou Ann

  2. Thank you for sharing some beautiful pictures. Looks like you have been having some fun with them.

    Sure did look like it was cold but you have it taken care of. (It is not easy taking care of 3 little ones)

    Love you for sharing.


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