Little Rock, Roller Skates, Antibiotics, and More…

I have mentioned before that our family is now considering a move to Little Rock, Arkansas. We have felt a call for many years now to start an intentional, Christian community. We’ve spent five and a half years as a part of a Christian community here in the Chicago area. We have learned a grown and hoped and dreamed and waited and been disappointed, but we still fell like this is the calling. For many reasons, Little Rock seems like a good place for us.

We spent last week meeting with people who might be interested in joining up or in supporting us in some way. We had great meetings, despite that I got sick enough to have to take antibiotics (boo!!). God was kind to me in so many ways – sickness can make me more spiritually aware, it helps me to stay present in the moment, and it reminds me of my priorities. Also, I was able to feel strong enough and clear-headed enough to participate fully in all of the meetings we had scheduled. We also toured some homes and neighborhoods. We feel really good about this possibility, but we are still waiting on a few pieces of further confirmation, namely a job for Josh and partners to begin community with us. We will meet with a potential partner and with our discernment team after Easter.

In the the mean time, it is a full week at our house. Tonight, we will celebrate Passover and Maundy Thursday with a special family service. Tomorrow morning, we will have a birthday bash for Lilia with her little friends. Saturday, we will meet up with Josh’s aunt, uncle, and cousin who are in town for Passover, AND we will celebrate Josh’s 35th birthday. THEN, we’ll have Easter celebrating on Sunday, including a big meal with friends!

Thanks to my wonderful mother, we already did some celebrating of our big FIVE year old…

P1010053 P1010057






She got a scooter from Gramma & Grampa (which resulted in a secret happy dance in the corner), as well as these fun roller skates from her Memaw (and all the matching gear from Nana). Watch out – the girl is on wheels!

P1010076 P1010075


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