This Little Cutie is 18 Months Old!!!


Here are a few of his favorite things these days…

  • Coloring – He says “Color! Color! Color!” every time he sees something that even remotely resembles a writing utensil. He can actually focus on coloring for awhile, too. Of course, it’s just scribbling, but I’m impressed for such a little guy!
  • Eating – This guy LOVES to eat. He’s a little beggar if he sees anyone eating anything. He loves all of our savory real food dinners, but he actually just loves ANY food. When he sees food, he says “Hunny! Hunny! Hunny!” – his version of the word hungry. Foods he can say – peanut butter (“butter”), eggs, apples, cheese, chip, snack, beans, noodles (“noo noo”), chicken (“cheek”).
  • Bath – Simeon is also a bath beggar. He loves exploring water, including puddles and dishwashing, a sprinkling water from his sippy cup). 
  • Outside – “Ou-sigh! Ou-sigh!” Outside beats everything. It’s his favorite place to be, no matter the weather. 


  • Stickers on his head – The first time Simeon was interested in stickers, I playfully stuck one on his head. Since then, he thinks that’s where they go. He’s pretty good at unpeeling stickers from a sheet, so he just peels them off and sticks them directly to his head. 

P1010164 P1010167 P1010168 P1010174 P1010178 P1010181

Let It Go – Simeon loves the song “Let It Go” from Disney’s newest movie Frozen. Actually, he likes the YouTube video of this song. It’s the only thing he has any interest in watching on a screen. And, we let him watch it when he’s feeling really fussy or having a rough day.

P1010113 P1010114

Neighbors – He think the other apartments in our six-flat are just an extended part of our own house, and he loves sneaking out and finding friends all over the building, especially Coco (Jacoah), Isaac, Gabriel, and “Baby” (8-month-old Evelyn).

Choo-choo – Simeon loves to ride in this special blue car. He calls it “choo choo.”


Brushing his teeth

P1010118 P1010120 P1010121 P1010124

Roaring like a lion – Simeon makes the funniest roar for lions, dinosaurs, and bears.

Blowing zerberts – He likes to blow zerberts (or raspberries, whatever you call them) on other people’s bellies. It’s hilarious. And, he likes to take turns, so after he blows on my belly, he points to some one else in the family to do it next.

I few of the cute things he says: “I want see dat!”, “Comeeng!”, “Hold you.”

Dogs – Simeon LOVES dogs, and he is generally not afraid of them. He has made friends with many dogs in the neighborhood, even running away from playground to go find a passing dog. Once, he became so friendly with a sweet little dog that he licked the dog on the nose!

Good Guys – Simeon refers to all figurine people (Lego and otherwise) as “good guys.”

This guy just fits right in to our family! He is such a joy to have around. We love you, Simeon Thomas!!



4 thoughts on “This Little Cutie is 18 Months Old!!!

  1. Candace, thank you for sharing about this little guy. It brightens my day to read about him. (Or anyone else in your family.)

  2. He has such a beautiful smile. You have to smile when he is smiling. He has got to be one little funny guy.

    Would like to be around him more.

    Love you


  3. He and Pilgrim are destined to be buds! Pilgrim also likes water, eating, outside, and dogs (although, he has never licked one on the nose). Pilgrim also likes stickers but instead of on his head, he puts them in his mouth. I love the tooth brushing photos. He looks like a fun little guy!

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