Summer 2014 Catch-Up – Part 5 of 10




In August, we made a trip to Arkansas. The trip was quite multi-faceted, so I’m going to divide it up into several posts. 

Our primary purpose was to have a memorial service for my Papa Joe. We had a lovely time of sharing with our close family at my parents home. It was really special to be together. My aunt and uncle (dad’s brother) and my mom’s mom were with us, in addition to my sisters and their husbands and my nephew, Pilgrim. Here are some pictures of that day. My Grandmother Gail took us all out to lunch for Chinese food, too. These are all my favorite people together!

Little Rock 2014.10 Little Rock 2014.7 Little Rock 2014.8 Little Rock 2014.12 Little Rock 2014.11 Little Rock 2014.13 Little Rock 2014.6 Little Rock 2014.5 Little Rock 2014.3


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