Summer 2014 Catch-Up – Part 6 of 10

One of the major blessings of this trip was reuniting with my sisters and the kids spending time with their little cousin. It makes me wish we all lived closer. BUT, I’m hopeful that we’re getting closer and closer all the time…

Little Rock 2014.16 Little Rock 2014.15 Little Rock 2014.14 Little Rock 2014.4 Little Rock 2014.2 Little Rock 2014<–this last picture was a stressful/hilarious moment when the grease from the bacon wrapped dates I was making caused an influx of smoke in the house, and my mom asked my brother-in-law Scott to use the fan-bike to blow out the smoke!


2 thoughts on “Summer 2014 Catch-Up – Part 6 of 10

  1. Love this big family and yes I wished we all lived closer! So glad you guys are working on that. Just got GG sofa picked up and it is going to Waco! Brown’s moving and storage here was going to Austin so they will meet Scott at exit 331 on Friday morning for him to pick up the sofa. Love it when things work out!



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