Summer 2014 Catch-Up – Part 7 of 10


Another important aspect of our trip to Little Rock was further investigating the city and neighborhoods to prepare for starting an intentional Christian community there. We have been welcomed and affirmed in many ways over the past year of discerning this move. This trip was no exception.

Although there was some tension between Josh and me as we wrestled with making some major decisions, we praise God for the gift of clarity and peace by the end of our trip. We identified a neighborhood (and even a house!) that we both feel good about pursuing.

Nothing is settled and there is a good deal of process yet to wade through. We are common purse members of Reba Place, and we have now begun to discern this major decision with a much wider circle.


By the writing of this post, Josh and a fellow community-member have already made another trek out to Little Rock to collect more information for a proposal to our community. All of this is new to us and can feel overwhelming at times. But, we continue to take steps forward, not looking too far ahead down the path.

Josh and I continue to be excited about this new adventure. We love the city of Little Rock (I’m pictured above eating at a restaurant with locally-grown food), and we are intrigued by all it has to offer. More importantly, we have felt welcomed there and feel we have met some kindred spirits, so to speak. We have also been overwhelmed buy the sweet support of our community here, so far. These are not small things! And, we have no other option but to see that God is in all of this. We’d appreciate your continued prayers as we navigate many more decisions over the coming months.


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