Summer 2014 Catch-Up Part 8 of 10


Jedidiah turned EIGHT on August 10th. We had lots of great celebrations – one with family in Arkansas (somehow we’ve been in Arkansas for all three kids’ birthdays in the past year!), one on the road on Jedi’s actual birthday, and a big Narnia party with friends when we got home. We went all-out with the Narnia party – a wardrobe door, a lamp post, and even the White Witch! The kids had a fancy Narnian banquet, as well as archery practice and a quest as the kings and queens of Narnia. It was a blast!

Also, our friend Heather, who played the part of the White Witch at the party, wrote this beautiful poem to Jedidiah (King Peter) after the party:

belated birthday wishes from the white witch

(for Jedidiah, now 8)

the magic

was not in

my wand nor

my icy crown nor

the plate laden

with Turkish delight

but in

your lively

eyes, your tickled

grin, your swelling

confidence and

graceful height.

boy king,

may you grow

large of heart

(& brave & wise)

wielding Aslan’ssword

with all your might.

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