Let’s Talk About SCHOOL!

Today marks the end of the FOURTH week of school. How did that happen?!

Here are a few pictures from the first day:

School2014.1 P1010452 P1010451 P1010450 School2014.3 School2014.2 School2014.4 School2014.5 School2014.6 School2014.7

Lilia has been excited about kindergarten for several years, and she has not been disappointed. She absolutely loves it. Besides being worn out on Thursday evening of the first week, I haven’t even seen her phased by the new routine. She comes home from school energetic and happy. She goes to school in the mornings without a thought – jumping out of the car and saying “Bye!” She hugs multiple friends from her class and other classes on her way in. She’s already made several good friends. She heard that there would be a be new Kindergarten teacher this year (Jedidiah’s teacher from Kindergarten moved away) and that he was aptly named “Mr. New.” She thought that was hilarious and wanted him as her teacher. That’s who she got, and she loves him! She also has a male teacher’s aide who does magic! It’s an exciting class, I think!

Jedidiah was more nervous about going to school, but he seems to have a great teacher and to be having positive experiences so far. His two best school friends are in his class. Surprisingly, this nonstop talker is described as quiet and shy at school. Who would have guessed?! He is doing a great job learning to read and write this year. We are very excited for him!

And, as for Simeon, here’s what he looked like the first few days his siblings headed off to school…

P1010454He has adjusted, but it has required more playtime with some of his little buddies. He misses his Yi-yah and Diah when they’re at school!

Here are a few more pictures from the first weeks (Kindergartners do color weeks, when each day they wear a different color):

P1010460Second day of school


Green Day


Purple Day


Rainbow Day

A couple of other funny Lilia stories about school:

  • One day after school, Lilia was helping me prep for dinner by cutting some veggies with a sharp knife (which she’s actually getting pretty good at!). I was keeping an eye on her and checking in with it frequently. Then, she said, “Mom, you take care of you. I’ll take care of me.” The ring of it sounded like she was repeating something she learned. I asked, “Did you learn that at school?” She said she had. We proceeded to have a little talk about how that rule is good for kids working at school, but that mommies are actually SUPPOSED to take care of kids. Funny little toot!
  • One day during the first week of school (Thursday, I think), Lilia expressed how tired she was from school. She said she needed to make herself a nice, simple meal and go to bed early. This simple meal involved walking to our neighborhood garden to collect some veggies and then chopping veggies to make a small salad, stir fry (in her mini-skillet), and soup. It was quite a project! She worked on it for about an hour. She even remembered (I did not realize it in the moment) to collect a flower to put in a vase to go with her meal. And, she ate her small feast for dinner that night. She expressed joyfully afterward, “Shouldn’t we do this every day, mom!” Here’s a picture of her food:

P1010470Well, that’s it for now! I’ll try to post a list of additional kid quotes soon.


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