Happy Little Sim Sim


Simeon is 22 months old. Hardly a baby anymore. But still assuredly MY baby. He continues to be a delight, a joy, a bright spot in each day. I cannot imagine these stressful days and months of big decisions and hard conversations without the smiles and laughter that he brings. He is truly a gift to our family.

P1010611 P1010620

He has reached a phase where he is like a little companion. He tags along with us. He loves to join in with what the family is doing. He learns the songs, he remembers the keywords, he knows the names and voices of all our friends. He is a people person and needs lots of time to play with other children. He is a helper, and wants to join in with cleaning up, washing dishes and preparing food.

P1010603 P1010594

He says many, many words. And he says them quite clearly. I am amazed at each new utterance. Here are a few of his common words and phrases:

– Help you.

– Love you.

– I don’t wike it. (Usually about a new food, although he likes most foods.)

– I don’t want to.

– I’m coming!

– Are you, Momma? (Where are you, Momma?)

– Where go? (Where did it go?)

– Sim Sim – how he refers to himself

– I got it!

– Bob-eye (how he says bye-bye)

-Boo-hush (toothbrush) – this is my favorite 🙂

– Monoo (Melon)

– Co-co, Tato, Marrow, Lydah, Evie, Iris, Owen, Gabeel, Isaac, Baby Evy, Jooper, Gay-see, Lana, Gay-son, Elsie, Allan, Jeanne, Megan, Heather – all his words for his friends’ names (both kids and grown-ups in this list)

– I want find it!

– Kean up! (Clean up)

– And SO many more… (You can see he knows what he wants these days!)

P1010462 P1010465 P1010469

Lately, he likes to stack things (especially the dinosaurs, for some reason) and then proudly declare, “Make it!” He also makes “planes” and “boats” out of bristle blocks.


He loves to take off his socks and look for toe jam, too…


He can be kind of a goof, which is perfect to make us all smile (bucket on his head here)…


He is also so very sweet. He uses feeling words often (happy, scared, crying, sad), and seems to notice others’ feelings. Here he is practicing to be a good daddy some day. He asked to have his baby in the carrier. The picture where he is looking at the camera, he’s saying, “Baby crying.” Then, he proceeded to kiss the baby on the head. And, of course, we still love seeing him in his little fedora. I hope he brings a smile to your day, too!

P1010633 P1010632 P1010631 P1010630 P1010629


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