Kid Quotes

  • Here are some quotes I’ve been collecting for awhile, now. You may have heard them already, but I wanted to record them so I don’t forget!
  • One day last week, Simeon grabbed a sparkly little bag and acted like he was ready to go, saying “Walgeens!” I asked him if he wanted to go to Walgreens, and he said “Yeah!” I said, “Let’s go to the park, first.” We walked to the park with him in the stroller. When we got there, he said, “NO! Walgeens!” As always, I could think of a few things we needed from Walgreens, so we walked to Walgreens and had a lovely time together. I just couldn’t believe that an almost-two-year-old would prefer Walgreens to the park!
  • “Dragonfly!” – Simeon’s word for house flies.
  • Lilia (after going to a magic show at Circus World where they were selling magic wands that could do a few little tricks): “A real magic wand!! I’ve always wanted a real one, and they had them; but we didn’t even buy one!!!”
  • On the drive home from Wisconsin, while creating new foods out of her food, “Would anyone like to try a ‘chicken face’?” – Lilia (Josh and I thought this sounded disgusting)
  • Lilia, “I’m sorta hungry all the time, so of course I poop a lot!”
  • “Help you! Stuck.” – Simeon in his carseat after nearly 12 hours of driving
  • “Ping!” – Simeon’s word for Yogi Bear & related figurines
  • “Bammaw & Papa” – Simeon’s words for Gramma & Grampa
  • Jedidiah, to his babysitter…”Popcorn has to do a little explosion in order to turn into popcorn.” Then, reassuringly…”Don’t worry, it’s not that big of a deal.”
  • Lilia and I were talking about all of the possibilities of what she could be when she grows up. She liked the idea of being a pilot or a horseback rider. She was open to any possibility – teacher, president, anything…Until I said “astronaut.” She laughed and said, “No way!!” She was very sure she did not want to be an astronaut. When I asked her why, she said, “Because astronauts go to outer space and that’s where Star Wars is!” She finds Star Wars super scary and doesn’t want to have anything to do with it.
  • Lilia and I were in the grocery store several months ago, and I asked her to get some hot dogs. She said, “Can we get the Rock-in-saw ones?” I was totally confused. Then she found them and showed me – they were the Boar’s Head kind. They reminded her of the Razorbacks symbol from Arkansas. Only, she called Arkansas ‘Rockinsaw” by accident. Too funny.

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